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    JMF Performance Materials offers exciting job opportunities for skilled professionals seeking growth and expertise. Our people are critical to our success. If you’re passionate about chemistry, polymers, and delivering customer success, we want to hear from you. Send your application today to join our team of experts propelling innovations that make a difference worldwide.

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Rubber - Tyre

Black Doughnuts we all ride every day. Indispensable for mobility. We provide cutting edge Solution SSBR to improve tyre performance and durability for a greener planet.

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Rubber - Non Tyre

An automobile is made of 1000s of components with rubber components for fuel, oil and air conveyance make movement, braking and lubrication possible.

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This material permeates modern life and has become an integral part. Our thermoplastic materials provide customers an option to use recyclable products to replace rubber.

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Rubber moulds to your feet like a natural extension to your skin, providing a seamless second skin for your morning walk.

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Rubber offers flexible, oil & heat resistant insulation to cables. From metro & railways to mines & construction site, rubber cables power our nation's infrastructure.

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Bonding mattresses, laminates, school craft kits, HVAC systems to space ships, Rubber adhesives have unlimited avenues to glue two surfaces.

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Colour brings joy to life, and on the road, it brings safety. Our resins ensure road markings are vivid and eye-catching, providing critical visibility for drivers.

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Reading, writing, creating - ink unlocks expression, but formulating it is complex. Our materials enable high-end inks, enhancing applications from packaging to publications.

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More than just words on paper, it's an intricate blend of science and art. Count on us for premium materials, elevating the quality of inks essential in the packaging sector.

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As plastics overwhelm oceans, innovation reimagines paper. Our additives bolster strength and durability, enabling paper to replace plastics across uses.

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