Late Shri. Kailashchandra Jhunjhunwalla

He started his journey in 1963 as a college student at Sydenham College when he joined his father’s rubber factory, Hind Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. After a few years of internship, he left to start Bombay Chemical & Rubber Products in 1971 for trading in natural rubber. In 1972, he came across Starmag 150 made by Konoshima, Japan. This marked the beginning of his journey with Japan. He had the ability to explain the importance of the Indian market to Japanese companies and eventually secured partnerships with several agencies.

Throughout his 60-year business career, he backed several ventures successfully. Today, many of the companies he initially promoted continue running as profitable enterprises. From Punjab to Madurai, Mumbai to Kolkata, and across Indian and Japanese geographies and cultures, he had an astute ability to bring people together and convince them. He displayed remarkable foresight and judgment of market forces that few could manage at the time. Driven by huge risk appetite and motivated to achieve his goals despite adversity, he was the first in India in the 1980’s to challenge the dominance of European and American synthetic rubber suppliers. Today, Japan holds a leading position in the Indian synthetic rubber market - in part due to his pioneering efforts.

He had tremendous respect for Japanese people and culture. He was one of the earliest adopters of Japanese work ethics and systems in India. Today, his legacy lives on through the enterprises that he helped build and nurture.

Our Story

In 1971, in the bustling city of Mumbai, a small trading firm named "Bombay Chemical & Rubber Products" was born. With a vision to supply quality rubber products, they embarked on a journey that would span decades, continents, and industries. While in 2004, they laid the foundation of “JMF Performance Materials” to distribute chemical and rubber products.

Their first significant step came in 1972 when they began importing Starmag Brand Magnesium Oxide from Konoshima Chemical Japan. This marked the beginning of their foray into international partnerships and high-quality imports.

The year 1975 brought a pivotal moment as they started importing Nitrile Rubber from Eneos Materials Corp (formerly JSR Corp) Japan. This venture was so successful that they were subsequently appointed as the agent for the Indian market for all Synthetic Rubbers, solidifying their presence in the rubber industry.

In 1982, the company continued to expand its portfolio by importing Chloroprene Rubber from Tosoh Corporation Japan and becoming the agent for India's market for CR, CSM, and Resins.

With each passing year, the company's reach and influence grew. They opened offices in Delhi in 1985, followed by Chennai in 1986, and Pune in 1988. These strategic expansions allowed them to better serve their clients and partners across the country.

Their commitment to representing top-quality Japanese products continued as they started representing Daikin from Japan for Fluoroelastomers in 1987. This association further solidified their reputation as a reliable distributor of premium materials.

In 1990, they added Tohpe Corporation - Japan for Acrylic Rubber to their roster of represented companies, followed by Toyokagaku Kenkshuyo for Metaloc in 1991, Osaka Soda for Epichlorohydrin in 1992, and Arakawa Chemical for Resins in 2000. These partnerships showcased their dedication to offering a diverse range of products.

In 2004, they began representing Adeka Corporation from Japan for Plasticizers, and in 2013, they extended their reach to the United States by representing Cymer LLC for Rubber Chemicals.

Also in 2004, Bombay Chemical conceived JMF as a partnership of 3 families Jhunjhunwala Mitsui & Fujimura culminating 3 families’ decades of friendship. JMF was established to provide timely delivery of critical materials for the growing Indian automotive industry.

This is clearly visible in the new brand identity of JMF. The logo embodies the essence of a respectful partnership between Indian and Japanese families. It symbolises the unity of two cultures through a powerful visual metaphor – the 'M' in the logo forms a bridge between two figures, resembling a handshake and bow, signifying mutual respect and commitment to collaboration. The orange to red colour palette represents the vibrancy of both cultures, blending harmoniously to reflect unity in diversity.

As the years went by, their collaborations expanded globally. They partnered with Birch Chemical from the UK for Calcium Oxide, Hydroxide, and Birchset in 2015, Toa Resin Corporation from Taiwan for ACM/HT ACM in 2016, and Imerys from France for their range of fillers in 2019.

Their commitment to quality and excellence reached new heights when they started representing Shinryo Corporation from Japan, further strengthening their presence in the international market.

In 2023, a new chapter unfolded as we embarked on an exciting journey, forging an association with Eneos Corporation for their C5 Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin T rez, expanding our portfolio to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Today, the company stands as a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment. From a modest beginning in Mumbai, they have evolved into a global player in the rubber and petrochemical industry, serving clients worldwide while continuing to innovate and grow.

Their story is one of resilience, expansion, and successful partnerships—a journey that began in 1971 and continues to inspire those in the world of business and beyond.

Vishal Jhunjhunwala
for JMF Performance Materials Pvt Ltd
and Bombay Chemical & Rubber Product

Our Journey

Message from the Director

Dear Valued Stakeholders,

I am delighted to extend my warm greetings to you on behalf of JMF Performance Materials Pvt. Ltd. As the Director of our multifaceted organisation, I am honored to lead a team dedicated to excellence and innovation in the petrochemical field

In an ever-evolving market landscape, we understand the paramount importance of delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our discerning customers. Our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in these diverse industries

We take immense pride in our relentless pursuit of excellence, driven by cutting-edge technology, a skilled workforce, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our rubber products provide the foundation for countless industries, our cables enable connectivity, our footwear offers comfort and style, our plastics find utility in a myriad of applications, our adhesives bond products together, and our paints add colour and protection to the world around us

At JMF, we not only aim to provide superior products but also to build enduring partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Your trust and support have been instrumental in our journey, and we pledge to continue delivering solutions that empower industries and enhance lives

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to shaping a brighter, more resilient future through our products and services.

Thank you for your continued trust in JMF. Together, we will continue to create value, foster growth, and set new benchmarks in the petrochemical industries.

Warm regards,
Vishal Jhunjhunwala

Managing Director
JMF Performance Materials Pvt. Ltd.
609, Raheja Center, Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021
+91 98200 42806 | [email protected]

Managing Partner
Bombay Chemical & Rubber Products
609, Raheja Center, Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021
+91 98200 42806 | [email protected]

Our Sustainability Efforts

At JMF Performance Materials, we actively seek ways to make our operations more sustainable. Our initiatives include:

Electric Forklifts: We've transitioned our warehouse forklifts from diesel to electric models. This significantly reduces emissions and noise pollution at our facilities.

Solar Energy: Solar panels installed on our warehouse roofs now generate approximately 20% of the facilities' electricity usage. This renewable energy source reduces our carbon footprint.

Rainwater Harvesting: By collecting and reusing rainwater for non-potable purposes, our warehouses conserve water and use it efficiently.

Upcoming Projects: We are exploring additional solar installation at our office buildings and are switching select company vehicles to hybrid or electric models.

Our sustainability efforts reduce environmental impact while controlling costs and exemplifying our values. We remain committed to implementing practical solutions that benefit the planet and our business. At JMF Performance Materials, we turn ideas into actions to drive progress... sustainably.

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